Culinary Delights

After a day relaxing at the Lago Bin, or after a day spent discovering the Val Nervia or the nearby French Riviera, it shall be our pleasure to introduce you to our kitchen.

Our offer is strongly influenced by the ancient flavors of this region and thus on our menu the stewed snails, handmade ravioli, fresh pasta dishes and game meat will never be missing.

All dishes, including the sweets, are home made on the spot and in accordance with the old traditions. Since 1958, the year when the Lago Bin became an Inn for Hunters and Hikers, the restaurant structure has evolved and with time undergone several transformations, but never once forgone the savors of those first days.


THE GREAT HALL Is one of the spacious halls of the Lago Bin, which can easily accommodate up to 400 people. The dining halls can be transformed and customized according to the event you wish to organize; they also dispose of stages for live music. As a matter of fact, there is music playing every weekend (on Saturdays for dinner and on Sundays during lunchtime) all year long and on all holidays.


is mostly used for the individual restaurant service. The veranda is much appreciated for its open fireplace and the beautiful view of the Rio Barbaira. In the morning hours this will become the breakfast room.


Remains mainly dedicated to receptions, this is where we celebrate weddings.


is an outdoor terrace overlooking our gardens and this is where our restaurant area is located in the summertime.


In our opinion, the tavern is the most beautiful ,and without a doubt the most cosy, dining room at the Lago BIn. Located in the old cellar rooms that characterized the Lago Bin already in its early beginnings in 1958, these dining rooms have been completely renovated, yet we cautiously preserved the charm of the old stone vaults. It’s just the ideal place for a romantic candlelight dinner.


is another outdoor terrace where during the summer breakfast can be enjoyed outside.

The bar

The poolside bar

Our dishes and our specialties

We are happy to present some of our dishes and specialties ...