The Hotel Lago Bin is completely surrounded by green nature typical of the Ligurian hinterlands and offers stunning views on the nearby Rio Barbaira; proposing 55 hotel rooms and 10 apartments, a restaurant with multiple dining areas , ball rooms and various open garden spaces – making it just the ideal location for a relaxing holiday or for hosting your Event.

The today very elegant property of the Lago Bin was built from a modest rustic building bought back in 1956 by Antonio and Margherita Carabalona. During their first 2 years here they cultivated flowers, aromatic plants and fruit in the surrounding lands

… until Margherita decided to offer her culinary talents to hunters and tourists passing by. Back then guests ate on rough tables covered by tablecloths made from her bridal trousseau…



It’s hard to describe in just a few words all we can do to organize your wedding. We can do just about anything ! The Park, the Garden of the Mill, the Pool and the Pool Bar, the various dining and ball rooms and the terrace are just some of the locations that we can accommodate for your celebration.


Culinary Delights

After a day relaxing at the Lago Bin, or after a day spent discovering the Val Nervia or the nearby French Riviera, it shall be our pleasure to introduce you to our kitchen.
Our offer is strongly influenced by the ancient flavors of this region and thus on our menu the stewed snails, handmade ravioli, fresh pasta dishes and game meat will never be missing.



A Vacation at the Lago Bin doesn’t limit itself merely to relaxing, history and traditions: in addition to the activities to be enjoyed on the property, we can furthermore organize more fun activities outside the hotel, in collaboration with local professionals, for you and your family.