All our dishes are homemade and prepared with great care using only natural foods, genuine and typical primary products from our region. Our kitchen proposes both culinary creations inspired by our Chef, as well as those very typical dishes of our region - recipes that have been passed down the course of several generations in our family.

I Primi


The Ravioli are formed strictly by hand, which is why each ravioli is unique and differs in shape from the other. The stuffing – well , that’s grandmothers’ secret recipe, all we are allowed to reveal is that we use herbs, fresh chards and ricotta cheese. The ravioli can be served either with a Fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce, or with a Rabbit Sauce or simply with Butter and Sage - which works wonderfully with the scents of the stuffing.

I Primi


Is yet another one of our traditional dishes. The fresh tagliatelle are made according to a recipe used since over 50 years, a recipe from back in the days when every weekend the women of Rocchetta prepared the “Taglierin” for the traditional Sunday Lunch . They can be served with mushrooms, but we also love them with a game sauce. According to the season, the game used for the sauce can be venison, wild boar, hare or chamois.

I Secondi


Rabbit remains a staple dish in Liguria, it’s cooked slowly with olives, thyme and rosemary, olive oil and white wine.

I Secondi


To soften the sometimes strong taste of the game meat, we cook it with Rossese di Dolceacqua and season it with Rosemary and Laurel ... In our restaurant we mainly serve Venison, Boar or Chamois meat. Thanks to a collaboration with several local hunting reserves, we are able to offer you game fresh from the woods all throughout the year.

I Secondi


Yet another very typical dish often associated with Rocchetta Nervina: goat meat served together with the famous white beans of Pigna. As with all our “typical” dishes, for the preparation of this dish we exclusively use primary products from the region and the nearby surroundings.

I Secondi


A traditional recipe stolen from the small village of Buggio, only land snails are used and served in their shells. They are prepared using the typical herbs of our Mountains, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and White Wine.



All sweets and desserts are homemade in the restaurants own bakery. They take shape in the hands of Signora Maria Grazia, who enjoys expressing her skills and creativity throughout her baking. And so she prepares on a daily base - among many other sweet courses –the ice cream, the tiramisu, puddings, jams, crème caramel, panna cotta and all cakes and pies served at breakfast.